Sunday, May 24, 2009

New Members

There are so many more members that it would take several posts to introduce all of them individually, so feel free to go to the members page and check out their blogs and welcome them to YCF!

The newest additions to the group are namely Lyceria DragonFan, Darian Wilmot Stowell, Melissa, Warrior-4-Christ, and Jeremy.


Thursday, May 21, 2009

New Member!

We have a new member! A good personal friend of mine, please welcome Melissa!

Check out her blog at!!

Good day!


Revelation has Begun!

I have FINALLY started my series in Revelation, it's taken far longer than expected, however you can view it at click on the link on the left 'Revelation' to read my study! You can comment on my blog or on the YCF Forum any opinions or ideas or suggestions you may have!

*You must sign in to post in the forum, if you have not yet sent me your email please do so so I can add you to the admin list.

Email to: , tell me your email address and who you are and I will add you as soon as I get it! :D Thanks!


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Official Forum

Ok, so I've kind of created a forum setup; however, since I am still using google sites for it, public commenting is still not available at this moment.

So what I would suggest, is that until such a time as I figure out how on earth to make public commenting possible, create an email address specifically for the purpose of logging on and editing/adding topics and/or comments to the 'forum', which is located at either or

If everybody agrees to this arrangement, at least for now, then I will need email addresses in order to enable you to edit the site. To your email addresses I will send user information for the email address This way, there will be one address used to edit the forum page. The only downside is that only one person will be able to comment/post at one time, but that shouldn't be much of a problem given that most of us are on at different times anyway. If, in the event that it is in use when another tries to log on, wait a few minutes and try again. When someone is finished, please do not forget to sign out.

Any email addresses I receive will NOT be kept on file anywhere, and I will only use them ONCE and only to invite you to be admin on the forum pages. Whoever comes on board with this project will have full admin rights.

So, again, if we are all in agreement, please send your email addresses to .

So to recap.

Forum page: OR

For admin rights to post and comment: send email address to me at

You will receive information at that address for the forum email, which is

Everyone will then use that address to login.

Thanks all!!

And have a good day.


PS.: I WILL add all of your email addresses to the admin list, simply so that in case for some reason the forums.ycf address doesn't work we can still post. In addition, I don't think it's possible for two people to work on the site at once, but if that does happen and things keep screwing up, simply type out what you have to say in a word document and copy and paste it in later on.

I'm sorry that this is so confusing, but eventually it will work itself out. With our help.


Friday, May 1, 2009

New Horizons

Hello, everybody!

For the last little, while, as some of you know, I've had a nagging feeling in the back of my head that I should do a series on Revelation on my blog. However, given that it would make it difficult to both do studies and still post on other topics on the same blog given the current format, I have set up a website on which I will be doing studies on as many books in the Bible as I can.

The website URL is: . You will have to copy and paste the URL.

In addition, I have begun another site on which to display bits and pieces of the books I'm writing; so hopefully, within the next few days, there will be some content on there as well. That URL is at .

And while I'm on the topic of New Horizons, I have a proposition for the YCF as a whole: there has been the issue of leadership sprouting up from more than a few members, with some very strong opinions on the subject. What if, instead of a single leader or a board, what if we incorporated the ENTIRE YCF community in a sort of fully-integrated 'democracy', for lack of a better word, to discuss and if need be vote on various topics. (Not large topics, as I wouldn't want this idea to drive any members away; this is a very touchy area, and it is impossible to please everyone.)

However, we've agreed from the start that God is the ultimate leader of this organisation; a fully integrated democracy would include EVERY member of the YCF, both new and old, and essentially keep things the way they are but with a slightly more organised format.

Tell me whatch'a think!