Saturday, March 28, 2009


Hey, we have yet another YCF member - Joraiem. Go on over and give him a welcome!


Thursday, March 26, 2009


Hey, just wanted to let everyone know that Violinist4Christ has now joined YCF! Welcome to YCF!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

New Bible Study Technique!

Okay, so I recently went to my churches Student Leaders Weekend. Usually we talk about how to lead in whatever environment we are in and stuff like that. This time was different, though. Our pastor thought it would be best if we learned a little more about devotions and studying the Bible. I mean honestly, how can someone lead efficiently if you don't know God's word or how to study it. So, we went over a technique were you dissect a verse a word at a time to get the real meaning behind a verse. I'm gonna go ahead and show you how and what we did. The important thing is to remember that even if the word is small, it can have a big meaning. Also, if you can't think of anything "deep" about the word, just start with the basics. What part of speech is it? Does it signal anything? When is it used? Trust me, once you get going, it's hard to stop!!!!

John 1:14 And the Word became flesh and lived among us.

Okay, let's start with "And"..... Ready?

AND - joins two words together, something is before it and it might be important: okay, so something is before it...... so read the verse before it. That verse says how we have the right to be God's children because Jesus came to us.

THE - article adjective, introduces something specific and important: there's SarahOG and then there is THE SarahOG..... it just brings more meaning/ important to the noun!

WORD - Jesus, spoken, it IS what is important (because THE introduced it.......): Has to do with the Trinity

BECAME - something changed, transformation, from one opposite to the other: BE is actually a better translation of the Hebrew word for God, so "BE"came is GODcame.

FLESH: skin, real, protects, part of the body, makes up something bigger, recycles itself, hurts, bleeds, needs care, temporary: God became one of us.

AND - relates two things: get ready for the important thing coming up next again!

LIVED - has movement: Living life with purpose vs. Intimate Knowledge

AMONG - around, with others, community in unity!, did not watch form a distance: experienced what we go through

US - we, the people, America: ties 2009 to Jesus' day

See how we just went through and defined each word? Now, lets put it all together and see what this verse is REALLY saying!

Jesus, in all His crazy love for us, came to earth as God the Son. He came here and experienced what we do and more, so He knows how we feel better than we do! But wait there is more...... He did everything right and was knowledgeable through His experiences because He mingled with us, and just because all this happened years ago, it still applies to us today!

Now is that just really cool or what??????? I thought it was just incredible. It actually took about.... 20 of us (about) over a hour and a half o go through and do all this! Crazy right????? Just shows that no matter what you are reading, you can get something out of this. Now what I want to do is see someone do that with "Jesus wept"!!!!