Tuesday, January 27, 2009

New Layout?

As you can see, I have put a poll up concerning the layout of this blog. A few have mentioned that the gray background is kind of dull. I agree, but I in a way like the notebook paper style. So there are two options that I know of...

One, we could find a way to change the dull gray to another color or maybe a neat design. I am not sure how to do that though. I somewhat have an idea, but have a feeling it would take me forever to get it to work right. lol!
So... I am wondering if anyone knows how to do it. If you do and want to help, please let us know.

If that doesn't work out, or if most of you think a different layout would be better anyway, we could just get a completely different layout. And, just so y'all know, I don't mind if we change it at all, and it won't hurt my feelings any. I just chose this layout randomly.
In case that is what we decide to do, can anyone recommend some good ones?

Feel free to comment and give your opinions.


Friday, January 23, 2009

Celebrate Life!

My school has this thing every year called the "Celebration of Life". By the way, I do go to a Christian school. Anyways, on this day, we talk about how fortunate we are to be here and alive today, and how we should love each other because we were all created by God. Usually, the chapel/ assembly we have doesn't really "touch" me that much. I mean, come on, I'm just a kid!!!! But, one of my friends, a senior, shared something I want to share with you. See, when M (that's what I plan on calling him for now...) was a baby, before he was born, his mother was told then Mark might be born with Down Syndrome. I'm not exactly sure what that is, but I bet you can Google it. Anywho, his mother was given the opportunity to abort him. She didn't want to do that because she saw his value. So, the doctors said that they could run one more test that would show whether or not he definitely had Down Syndrome, but with that test, M could have been spontaneously aborted, so his mother said that she wouldn't go through the procedure. She wanted to make she that M would be safe, because she put a value on his life.

If a mother can go through that for her unorn baby because she loves him, imagine how much God would do for us! He sent His son, Jesus, to die the most cruel and inhuman death ever created, for us, so we wouldn't have to die. Sometimes, I kinda get hung up on that fact. Why would Jesus do that for me? I'm a sinner, I mess up everyday. I bash people, and sometimes gossip about His perfect creation. Yet He forgives me anyways. That was apart of what we talked about, too. WE are God's. WE are made in His perfect image. When we put down others, or even ourselves, then we are not only hurting the person, we are basically slapping God in the face. So, next time, when we are going to complain about others - or ourselves - think about how God looks at..... whoever. He sees then perfectly. Think on that.

Monday, January 19, 2009

New YCF Blog/New Member - Ellie

Hello, this is Zoe. I just started this YCF blog since Paris said it was getting too difficult for her to keep up with the previous one. I hope I can, but I do get pretty busy.

The template is not final. If anyone has a better one to recommend, please do. In fact, please let me know if you have any honest suggestions or critisizms for this blog.

Also, if any other YCF members are interested in becoming contributors (more than likely with administrative rights) to this blog, just let me know. The only downside is that to become a contributor, I have to have your email address to add you. So, if you feel comfortable with that, just post your email address here and I will add you. (note: comment moderation is enabled, so your email will not be published.)

As a contributor to this blog, you could post any suggestions or ideas you have for YCF, any announcements you know of (new members, ect), or anything else related to YCF or God. Just keep the YCF rules in mind.

Another note: I do not consider myself the one who is "in charge" of this blog. I just wanted to get it started, and all of you can take it from here.

Announcement: (Added later)

My friend, Ellie, has just joined YCF! Feel free to go visit her blog and leave her some comments. I am sure she would love it. There are now 28 members.



Quoted from Sapphira...

1.) The will be no use of profane language.

2.) We must respect other people for their values and opinions.

3.) We must respect each other's feelings.

4.) Everyone is their equal in the YCF, and it does not matter who was a member first.

5.) We must follow Jesus in all we do in the YCF. This group started with Jesus, it is about Jesus, and it is going to end with Jesus.

The "Quest"

As said by Araken:

Now to the meat of this little blogging sandwich...Ok, so in my last post, I talked about branching out and reaching other blogs with Jesus' message. So to all of you who have not heard, several of us YCF folks are initiating a quest to do just that. Here are the goals of this quest:

1. Find other blogs whose writers need the Lord and share Christ with them without trying to shove the Gospel down their throats.

2. Upon finding Christian blogs, share the nature of this quest and ask if they'll join it.

3. Try to re-evaluate what you believe and where you stand.

4. Pop popcorn and tell me about it. Just kidding...obviously.


1.) Sapphira
2.) Araken
3.) Ian
4.) Shelby Marie
5.) Indina
6.) Bookworm4god
7.) Lauren
8.) Elliot
9.) DCF/Cole
10.) Flinn
11.) Kaili
12.) Majel
13.) Mike
14.) Paris
15.) Zoe
16.) Jamin
17.) Edge
18.) Caleb
19.) Amber
20.) Carolyn
21.) Kale
22.) A Girl of Many Colors
23.) Sarah
24.) Mikaela
25.)Sarah O'G
26.) Lauren Ann
27.) Natalie
28.) Ellie
29.) Twin4God aka Bryce
30.) Allison
31.) Wave
32.) Violinist4Christ
33.) Joraiem
34.) Lyceria
35.) DragonFan
36.) Darian Wilmot Stowell
37.) Melissa
38.) Warrior-4-Christ
39.) Jeremy
40.) Victoria
41.) Miss Friendship
42.) Sarah Grace
43.) Moonshaw
44.) Joelle

How to Join

Wondering how to join? It is simple. Just tell us who you are, and that you want to join. You can leave your comment here or on any other YCF member's blog.
We will then announce that you have joined and add you to the list of members.

You can also feel free to add the YCF logo (found on the left sidebar) to your blog page!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Who Can Join

Who can join? Any believer in Christ who desires to help spread Christ over the Internet

Does my age matter? No, YCF is not limited by age

More questions may be added as they come up. Feel free to comment if you have any questions not answered here.

How do I join?