Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I Joined!

I just recently joined YCF (Young Christian Force)! In case y'all don't already know, YCF if is group of Christian, bloggers who strive to spread Jesus over the Internet and encourage one another. The group originally began with four members I believe - Sapphira, Shelby Marie, Ian, and Araken. Not sure how many members there are now, but I know there are quite a few. I am really glad to have joined! Thank you Sapphira for inviting me!

Oh yea, and here are the rules (copied from Sapphira's blog):

1.) The will be no use of profane language.

2.) We must respect other people for their values and opinions.

3.) We must respect each other's feelings.

4.) Everyone is their equal in the YCF, and it does not matter who was a member first.

5.) We must follow Jesus in all we do in the YCF. This group started with Jesus, it is about Jesus, and it is going to end with Jesus.

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